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I think many of us are somewhat disappointed. We certainly understand the positive trend we’re on at this time in Texas, and that’s something to be happy aboutwe have more folks getting vaccinated, we have more toolsbut to let go of the mask mandate at this point in time is something we wouldn’t have advised, North Texas doctor Mark Cassanova told , noting that he hasn’t spoken to a single health care professional who supported Abbott’s decision and reminding viewers that they couldand shouldsimply choose to keep wearing masks.

No Man Can Kill Me I Am No Man Shirt

While there’s plenty of good vaccine news on the horizon, with more than of Americans having received the first dose, we’re also dealing with concerning new variants, all of which have reportedly made their way to Houston. In other words, Abbott’s decision to reopen the state feels premature, to say the leastand for many Texans, it’s terrifying.

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In the last few months, every time restrictions are lifted, we have a surge, people die, and the pandemic is extended, says Brendan Hinman, , who lives in the Cedar Park suburb of Austin. Hinman sheltered four people in his house during the storm, and says that although they took precautions like wearing masks and distancing, taking people in was still dangerous. We had to risk disease exposure because otherwise, they would have frozen in their homes while going without water.

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